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Deitrick Haddon touched down and wasted no time before heading straight to our studio. Mel sat down with this multi-talented artist and pastor.

Mel and Deitrick talked about his latest record and album, giving us a peek into the creative process behind his latest music. But it wasn’t all about the tunes; he also shared his mission to make a difference in the lives of 5000 children, teaming up with Food for the Hungry alongside the dedicated Ty Morris. Haddon new project is called “One Night in California” and the single “Never Be The Same” on the album. He shared the meaning behind the title. “I’m telling the story of when I had to reaffirm my yes,” he said. “I left Detroit, went to California to kind of get away from church because I was so hurt by what was going on.”

He explained more about his point of view on writing the album: “So I approached this album more like a mix tape. So you’ll hear me talking about things that I normally would say on a regular Dietrich record.”