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We’re sending our love and prayers to our brother-in-Christ, Pastor John P. Kee, who is taking a brief pause from his pastoral duties to focus on his health. Shelia Lakin, administrator for New Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte, issued a statement that was posted on his social media on Sunday (Jan. 28). Lakin revealed that recent challenges to his overall health has caused him to take a step back.

Here’s part of Lakin’s statement:

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The statement continues that any messages of encouragement or support can be sent to the front office at New Life. Lakin and Jeanette Taylor will maintain Kee’s social media accounts in his absence.

As Kee is being treated at an undisclosed location, he is “humbly asking for your support and understanding, and encouraging each one of you to come together as a congregation, supporting one another and extending grace and compassion during this time,” Lakin’s statement continues.

Send our prayers up to our brother, Pastor John P. Kee, as he travels towards a complete recovery!