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Renowned Gospel Artist and Multiple Grammy Awards nominee, Travis Greene, is stepping into the world of literature with his inaugural book, “Are You Praying For The Wrong Thing,” scheduled for release on May 14, 2024.

Making the announcement during a church service on Easter Sunday, Travis shared his excitement, stating, “This is a big deal, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m about to drop my first-ever book, ‘Are You Praying For The Wrong Thing.’ I’m excited about this book; it’s not a book about prayer, it’s a book about you. I’m excited about it, and it drops on May 14th.”

Now available for pre-order on digital platforms, Travis Greene elaborated on the book’s theme, “I can’t believe my FIRST BOOK EVER is available for preorder TODAY! ‘ARE YOU PRAYING FOR THE WRONG THING?’ It’s NOT a book about prayer, it’s a book about you! I believe it will be the key to living GUIDED and not guessing. May 14th is the release, but PREORDERS matter! They help us share the message further faster so get yours TODAY wherever books are sold!”

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Travis Greene, known for his impactful music and ministry, leads several ministries alongside his wife of 11 years, Dr. Jackie Greene, co-pastoring Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Together, they inspire and mentor others, embodying the transformative love of Jesus Christ.

When not engaged in ministry, Travis enjoys spending quality time at home or vacationing with his wife and their three energetic boys, Jace, Josh, and Judah.